July 6th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat


I finished another book somehow during this weekend, exhaustion notwithstanding:

Another P. C. Doherty novel, this one being An Evil Spirit Out of the West, this one dealing with the machinations in the court of Akhenaten of Egypt. I didn't care for it right from the start; I'm sick of the novel structure in which the protagonist is describing things as if he were writing a journal long after the events. However, it did slowly bring me along. Not one of his better books.

Chaos would well-describe this weekend. Friday night, packing, including the Dungeonmaster stuff; Saturday morning, we drove separately to the Getty Museum for my parents surprise 50th wedding anniversary party. Dan Sandoval, "God" from Dungeonmaster came and shot photos for us, cousins showed up from various sites around the country; my parents were completely taken by surprise. My youngest sister, the lawyer, deserves all the credit. The room at The Restaurant at the Getty was very nice, and the food was good, though the ravioli that we thought would be vegetarian turned out to be made with sausage.

Saturday afternoon had me scurrying down the hill to Costco to get soft drinks for Sunday's festivities, followed by me high-tailing it to my parents to change. Cousins and other relatives showed up at my parents' place, and they ended up ordering in vegetarian pizzas (ick) (the pizzas, not the vegetarianism). I tried to persuade the cousins to come to Dungeonmaster, but it wasn't to be; they were too tired, due to being on MidWest time.

I thought that the show was pretty solid. Fun. All that good stuff. There was much grumbling to be had by some, afterwards, and I suppose it's too much to expect perfection, but I thought it went well.

Dennys, however, was an outright abortion. Cold food does not a midnight snack make. When taken to task, the waitress took the meals over to a microwave, and then returned them. Ick.

Sunday was a pool party at my parents of which they had been unaware. They also had been unaware that I was going to sleep over, nor that my nieces and nephew would do the same. The party was very nice, though it would be helpful to have something other than smoked fish, once in a while. Maybe, corned beef? I stayed as long as my Minnesota cousins did, simply because it had been so long since I'd seen them. Then home.

Monday was another family thing; this time, my Mother's younger brother was having a luncheon at his Seal Beach home for the holiday. Good food, for the most part, and nice family company, though I was already missing the cousins who were returning to Minnesota during the event. My uncle looked a bit out of it, though he managed to make a mean strawberry shortcake. They'd just put in an elevator to their third floor condo; good thing, as he's recently had a minor stroke, and his spouse's mobility is diminishing.

Tuesday...my ostensible "day off" in which I received 4 pages, I went with my parents, and my Mother's siblings and their spouses, as well as a cousin who lives in Pomona, over to see the Chino Planes of Fame Air Museum. We then ate at Flo's, which was supposed to be a fine diner experience. It was graded B; need I say more? We followed that by going to the Antique Row in Pomona; my uncle wanted to see a militaria shop there, but it was closed. However, in one of the shops, he found an item that he considered worthy of attention. I'm glad.

Last night, forestcats and I watched some Queer Eye, which was a more forgettable show, and also Get Shorty on a Netflix exchange. The movie was a spry piece, mildly amusing. I understand that it precedes Be Cool, so I guess we'll see that fairly soon.

More about the cousins in another post, when I've got the time.
Dead Dog Cat


Those of you who are disinterested in my family structure are welcome to go elsewhere for amusement. Those interested, welcome.

My father comes from a family with two children, inclusive; my mother three, inclusive.

Dad's sister had one son. They didn't come to the weekend's festivities.

Mom's elder sister had two sons; they did. Her younger brother had a boy and a girl; both live locally, and both attended all of the weekend bash except Dungeonmaster.

The elder male of the Minnesota line is a lawyer. I had the pleasure of spending some time with his family prior to medical school. While I was in Chicago for med school, they moved from Milwaukee (which was barely reachable at that time for me due to studying constraints) to the Twin Cities (which weren't reachable, without airline tickets). While I was an intern, my Mother's mother died; we all met at the funeral in Minnesota. That was the last time, until this weekend, that I saw him.

So what, say you? I guess that I was just really glad to have a chance to sit and chat. My cousins were teens in the 60s, while I was in the 70s, and the culture is very different. He and I still shared several interests, though neither of us have had much chance to pursue those interests recently. I was enraptured, I guess. I've missed him very much.

His brother has been an ER physician for many years, but is now pursuing a mid-career change into Orthopedics. He's a decisive fellow, with strong opinions. I've had the pleasure of seeing many pieces of his artwork; he graduated U of Minn. with a degree in Art, and still managed to lead to a medical degree afterwards. He's sassy and fun. I missed him, too, though I've seen him more recently, as he and his wife show up now and again at one thing or another. For example, they attended my wedding.

My Mother's brother's eldest is the young lady. She's very competent, working in the realm of finance. She's feeling the pinch as her parents age. I hope to be supportive of her needs in that area; we've got some experience of what she's going through.

Her brother lives locally. He's a fund-raiser for a private college. He's cool. He's well-known to us. And an enigma. Isn't life odd.