July 8th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat


First, on Tuesday, I spent some time with older relatives at an "antique" mall in Pomona. This mall was flooded with relatively modern items (Star Wars figures, Scooby Doo items, etc.). I came upon an item that gave me pause: in the mid-60s, Jewel grocery stores had a promotion that included a large kids book into which you could glue animal stickers. There was explanatory text, and it was very cool in its time. My grandmother gave us two copies of this book, and in the ensuing months she would visit us from Chicago bringing the stickers. We ended up filling one book, and most of the other. So, here was the book - admittedly in somewhat better shape than ours (I still have them ferreted away). *Sigh*.

Same place had a very strange clock. This same structured clock sat atop our TV set throughout my childhood - it had been a wedding present to my parents. Mom has long since thrown it out when it ceased functioning, and no one knew how to fix it...