July 15th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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So, continuing to ponder the lecture that I've now finished from Barnes & Noble dealing with the epic in literature.

The lecturer selected only a few epics that he felt were of primary interest; after Homer, he took up Virgil's Aeneid, which he felt was derived in some part. At this point in history, Greece had fallen to Roman legions; in the Aeneid, Virgil more than suggests that Rome was built upon teamwork and adherence to duty. This leads to his suggestion that this is a cardinal virtue for a Roman.
Dead Dog Cat


Managed to get quickly through another book this morning; a manga:

Blade of the Immortal: Secrets, somewhat less impressive than the better ones from earlier in the series, it's carrying the story forward; solid middle work, but not especially exciting. I still dislike much of the artwork.

The weekend looks to be really busy. Tonight, we're hosting services at our house...I'll have to give a quick interpretation of the Torah portion. I've read it, and am cogitating madly about what to say.

Tomorrow is a work day, as usual, but there's been a real screw-up in the scheduling, primarily due to my boss not speaking with me. We've hashed it out, and this won't be a problem later, but it sucks for tomorrow. On the other hand, I should be out in time to go to a surprise birthday party for a local physician who joined us with his wife and child for the Carnivore's Feast. It should be cool to join the celebration. Following that will be Dungeonmaster.

Sunday day I expect to be a basket case. At some point, we will have to go to Costco to get the new Harry Potter book, which I will not read until after my beloved finishes it. In the evening, we will go sit shiva with my friend Abe's wife; her mother died this week, and forestcats went to the funeral.

Sleep? What's that?