July 16th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat


smoked a cigarette - No
smoked a cigar - No
crashed a friend's car - only if Uncle Bernie counts
stolen a car - no
been in love - yes
been dumped - yes
been fired - yes
been in a fist fight - no
snuck out of your parent's house? - no
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? - of course
been arrested? - no
made out with a stranger? - I wouldn't say so
gone on a blind date? - no
lied to a friend ? - (in a Clintonesque voice)how do you define "friend"? How do you define "lie"? How do you define "a"?
had a crush on a teacher? - a T.A. in biochem in college
skipped school ? - only twice, senior cut day in high school, and to watch opening day at Comiskey Park late my freshman year in medical school.
slept with a co-worker - how do you define "coworker"
seen someone die - yes, more than once
been on a plane - Yes
thrown up in a bar? - no
taken painkillers? - yes
lovesomeone or miss someone right now? - yes
laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? - Yes
made a snow angel - Yes
played dress up - does one count Dungeonmaster?
cheated while playing a game? - how do you define "cheat"?
been lonely? - Yes
fallenasleep at work/school? - yes
used a fake ID - No
felt an earthquake - several
touched a snake - yes
ran a red light - no
been suspended from school? - No
had detention? - no
been in a car accident - yes
witnessed a crime? - no
pole danced? - I danced at a Polish wedding
been lost? - how do you define "lost"?
been to the opposite side of the country? - yes
felt like dying? - Yes
cried yourself to sleep? - Yes
played cops and robbers? - no
sung karaoke? - yes, one time, two songs
done something you told yourself you wouldn't? - yes
laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? - yes
caught a snowflake on your tongue? - yes
sang in the shower? - rarely, but yes
had a dream that you married someone? no
got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? no
worn the opposite sex's clothes - no
sat on a roof top? - yes
didn't take a shower for a week? - no
scared to watch scary movies? - disinterested
played chicken? - with what, autos? bicycles?
been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? - no
been told you're hot by a complete stranger? - no
broken a bone? - possibly, 5th toes, various times
been easily amused? - no
laughed so hard you cried? - at comedy clubs, Dungeonmaster, out with friends
cried so hard you laughed? - no
mooned/flashed someone? - no
cheated on a test? - I don't recall doing so
forgotten someone's name? - yes
slept naked? - yes
skinny dipping in a pool? - yes
been kicked out of your house? - no
blacked out from drinking? - no
played a prank on someone? - yes
gone to a late night movie? - yes, and a play: Dungeonmaster
Dead Dog Cat

#49, 50 - whew, now I can stop counting

I don't have the books right here with me, but I managed to finish two more of the Blade of the Immortal books, including Beasts (which had a graphic torture scene that was painful to read, but which had a lot more character motivation in it), and the one which followed that, whose name I am presently not recalling (which once again left me wanting in the art department).

Last night we had Friday night services at our home, and I grilled kosher hot dogs and vegetable skewers for the admiring crowd. Afterwards, it was back on the road to deal with hospital rounds, and I took a swing by Borders at about 2330 hrs to see what was hopping. As it turns out, I saw a patient of mine entering the building to get in line for her Harry Potter; she came in for a visit today in the office, with book in hand...she hadn't been to bed, and she was about a third of the way done with the book...dressed the same way and everything.

Dungeonmaster tonight.