July 17th, 2005

Mr. Princess

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Got through Saturday thoroughly exhausted.

Somewhere in all this I read a comic, Desolation Jones #2, by Warren Ellis. I'm enjoying it so far.

I also finally had a chance to delve deeper into the PDA's new capabilities last night. I found that Epocrates, which is a very useful data base dealing with medications has a "Mobile CME" capability, discussing a variety of topics of use to me. I finished a piece on anti-depressants, and I've already been emailed the completion certificate.

Work was long, hard, but good, in that I could actually see a difference I was making for some people medically. It was satisfying, though I was pretty tired by the end.

After work we went to what was supposed to have been a surprise 40th birthday party for a physiatrist of my acquaintance. He knew about it, though. It was a nice party, though we could see where brushfires from two years back came up almost to the homes in the tract...scary. On our walk back to the truck, forestcats and I came upon a couple of cottontails relaxing in someone's yard. Cute.

We followed that by loading up some of the previous night's leftovers and taking them to Chris' place. Dungeonmaster had been cancelled due to problems at the theater, and so Chris had a get-together at his place. It was pleasant, for the most part, chatting, sipping at drinks, and zoning out to the music-generated graphics on his computer screen, a 42 inch HD flat screen - good grief! He was playing swing MP3s...I'm tired out by all the Brian Setzer that got played.

Home, and collapsed. Now, if we can get up the gumption, maybe Costco and a copy of HP...
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more musings from that lecture CD

Another epic that the lecturer dealt with was Beowulf. His point was that the epic poem showed that the northern Europeans, living in a much harsher environment, were more pessimistic than those folks in the Mediterranean. He said that Beowulf's deep meaning is that ultimately, we all lose, and that what matters only is how we face these trials.


Sounds vaguely what forestcats and I often say to each other: "No good deed ever goes unpunished". Not that that stops us from doing them, mind you.
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