July 21st, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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I read yesterday several Osprey books, including a New Vanguard (#89) about Roman and Greek artillery, and Campaign books (#s 117, 131, and 138, I think) about the William Wallace rebellion, Tewkesbury, and Poiters, though not necessarily in that order. As is typical for them, they are informative, with good graphic support materials.

This morning I finished Blade of the Immortal: Mirror of the Soul, and this afternoon at lunch I finished the next book of that series, Last Blood. I don't much care for the artwork, but the underlying psychology is interesting. I do find myself having trouble with suspending my disbelief with these books.

Last night, forestcats and I watched a silly flick called Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty; slightly more amusing, but definitely not worth seeing in the theaters. Netflix is fine.