July 23rd, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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More loverly books that I read recently:

Osprey Warrior #29: Ashigaru 1467 - 1649: this one details portions of the history of Japan, and the soldiers therein. Not the elites like the Samurai or Ninjas or what have you, but the standard grunts.

Osprey New Vanguard #63: Fighting Ships of the Far East (2): Japan and Koread AD 612 - 1639 details some ship structures that I could see using in my RPG campaign. Someday. When there's time to run it again.

Osprey New Vanguard #101: Zeppelins: German Airships 1900 - 40 which I picked up purely from interest/fascination. Has lots of curious detail, and a fair number of photographs.

Osprey New Vanguard #99: Space Shuttle Launch System 1972 - 2004; I've always had an interest in the space program, way back to the day of the Gemini series, however, forestcats and I managed to watch a shuttle launch, so this book has especial interest for me...

Chocolate party tonight...but work first.
Dead Dog Cat


the Ham

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