August 2nd, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Just a quick entry to keep up with what's going on here; have to keep it fairly short due to the costs onboard ship for the uplink.

We flew into Vancouver via Seattle, and we were bussed to the ship, beating the rest of the family by about 3 hours, allowing us to explore the vessel. On boarding, they handed us a free rum punch; kickass!

We've since had lectures by a geologist about the glaciers, had a formal dinner, and have been plyed with various foodstuffs and liquors. It's very nice to not have to worry about driving back to a hotel...

We've just a few hours ago cruised up to the seaface of the Hubbard Glacier; we saw lots of calving, heard cracking and thunder from the interior of the glacier. The geology was beautiful, and the glacier is colored in browns, grays, whites, and some of the sweetest blues and aquas you could possibly imagine.

We're now en route to Skagway, where forestcats and I will be taking a trip to see eagles, in a wildlife preserve.

More in a day or two...