August 5th, 2005

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I have very little time just now in Juneau, we awoke to rain and low clouds, against which we watched an eagle swooping around the ship, but we weren't able to helicopter up to Mendenhall Glacier, or to the dog sled camp; however, persevering, we got another company to helicopter us to land on Herbert Glacier instead. forestcats has been posting about it, so check out her material on it. We then took a hike through a rain forest on a nearby island, seeing bear scat and claw markings on trees, as well as grass crushed under resting bears; we also saw some dolphins inshore, and salmon near the surface of the ocean water. During dinner, we saw humpback whales out the porthole; including spouts, backs, tails, and rare breeching. On to Ketchikan in the morning. More later.