August 8th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Well, we're back.

It was a lovely trip.

I was delighted to have been able to travel into areas I'd never seen before, though I'd read a little about them in books about WWII. The flora and fauna were spectacular, as were the vistas.

I connected in a happy and new way with forestcats, and I spent some true quality time with my parents, nieces and nephew. My sisters remain themselves, and my brother-in-law remains an enigma to me.

We saw eagles, both immature and adult, humpback whales (spouts, tails and even jumping out of the water), seals, orcas, salmon, banana slug, trees, trees and more trees, dolphins, and black bears.

We got amazing service from the staff of GMV Serenade of the Seas, and found them cheery and very helpful.

The food was generally good, as well as plentiful. Occasionally, it was excellent.

I drank alcoholic beverages slightly more often than daily, which for me is a massive increase. We were given rum punch on arrival; I bought a mai tai at the Solarium bar one afternoon just before I got my hair cut; my Dad had me take a port with him with dessert two nights, and cognac once; my spouse and I had some rum concoction to start dinner the night we saw the humpback whales out the porthole next to our table; I had a Bloody Mary last Saturday as the young man from the Solarium bar wandered around with a tray of them. Loads more than I normally drink.

We flew in a helicopter. It was like a scene from a Vietnam War movie: several copters all flew out to this glacier, each one finding a smooth area that we could land on. We all bailed out and went slipping around the surface, surrounded by mountains crashing waterfalls from their tops. Whew!

I'm still feeling the rocking of the ship, even though I've been off her for over a day.

En route home, we took a side-trip through Vancouver, British Columbia, on the way to the airport. We didn't see all that much, but we did get carted to Stanley Park to see the totem poles, and Queen Elizabeth Park to see the Sunken Garden. Very pretty.

What a vacation...
Dead Dog Cat

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Just before the cruise, I finished a trade paperback of Usagi Yojimbo: Fathers and Sons, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I'd recommend the whole series, even with the funny animals.

While on the cruise, in the moments here and there, I finished The House of Death, by Paul Doherty. He's written a number of good mysteries; this one is set in the camp of Alexander the Great, and seems to give a fair feel as to what life like that would have felt like.

Just prior to leaving, I also read the comic book Neverwhere #2, which continues the storyline nicely. I'd recommend the book or the comic, but not so much the BBC TV series.

One night on the cruise, we went to the ship's cinema. It happened to be a relatively rough night, though that didn't bother either of us much at all. We went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which was pretty poor. It was meant to emulate the 20s view of the future, but it didn't do much of a job at it. It's a pretty pulp story sort of thing, and they think that they're being arch when they suggest the effects of radiation, but they just don't pull it off to my satisfaction.