August 10th, 2005

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Yesterday, I finished another small book that we picked up on the cruise called Art of the Totem Pole which is mostly a picture book of totems scattered in the Alaskan and British Columbian coastal regions. Interesting, but not deep.

I have a book that I'd found (most likely at a natural history or art museum) on this same subject; it's going to catapult forward in the reading pile, and I'll probably get to it in the next couple of weeks.

Saw axelicious and themodeinliz last night; poor Liz is ill, but hopefully should recover slowly. Mike was in fine fettle. Unfortunately, as I was back oncall, I had to go back out into the night, and couldn't spend much time with them.

Someone out of our past googled us this week; a friend with whom we'd lost contact about the time of our wedding. She found us primarily googling our stuff in LJ, and we've been exchanging delighted emails catching each other up on history. Hopefully, forestcats will get a chance to see her late this month or early next.
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