August 14th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Long workday yesterday; when I got home, forestcats was visiting Sherman Oaks. So I pulled out a couple of DVDs and waited.

First, I ran all the way through the first DVD of Season 4 of ST:TNG. As unimpressed as I was of the first episode, I was the total opposite of the second, called Family. The other two weren't bad, either. Back to Netflix for turnaround.

I also watched a copy of Patriot Games, the Tom Clancy novel made into a Harrison Ford movie. It was not as interesting this time as I recall it being when we watched it on a screen, though I still dig the music. The scene where they are supposedly watching the SAS attack on the Libyan camp still seems like so much BS to me...

Anyway, I'll be getting off, and spend the day at the hospitals. Hope all you readers are well.