August 28th, 2005

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With forestcats at a wedding out-of-town, after work, I put on a couple of DVDs.

First, watched The Hidden Fortress, an Akira Kurosawa film from the late 50s, starring Toshiro Mufune. I've never seen it before; it was pretty solid. I enjoyed the cinematography, and was amused at the antics of the thieves.

Then, unable to fall asleep, I put on Goodfellas; another pretty good film. This one was set in a gangster setting from the 70s.
Dead Dog Cat

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One of the authors whose books I can't resist, and who I will read instantly on receipt is Tim Powers. The problem is that he doesn't have a prodigious output; his books are few and far between. To my shock, I found a newly released TPB called Strange Itineraries which collects his short fiction, of which I was unaware. His work is eerie, his characters are real in a way that most are not, and I love his novels. These short stories just give a taste.