September 16th, 2005

Columbia launch

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I admit it.

I'm lazy about TV.

I rarely make much effort to watch new shows, partially due to lack of time, and mostly due to the rapid demise of shows no matter how good they might be.

However, I just watched two episodes of Firefly.

Oh. My.

We got the first disk from Netflix a couple of nights ago; I had a little bit of time, and so we put it on. We were hooked from the first scene of the episode called Serenity.

Sometime today, I have to find a copy of same, and we'll knock it off the Netflix queue.


I just hope we have enough available time to see the whole series before the movie comes out.

I see why some called it Westerns in space. For that matter, it is JUST LIKE TRAVELLER for those who remember the old RPG.

These are quibbles.

I thought it was very well-written and -acted.