September 19th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Finished Terry Pratchett's latest novel last night: Thud!. Love that Pratchett!

I also read two comics in the last few days, one being Supreme Power: Nighthawk #1, a spin-off from the JMS series. The other was Desolation Jones, whatever the latest number is, and this one did a very good job of hanging together. I'll continue with both.

Dungeonmaster was amusing. It was very cool to see Bob flailing away with thefreak with live steel. The show was odd, but we loves the odd, we do.

Went with mr_curmudgeon to Cafe Tu Tu Tango at the Universal Citywalk yesterday (love that restaurant indeed!), and post-meal we went to the IMAX theater there to see Batman Begins. Stylistically, I liked the way they handled the combat; I liked the way they defined the character and how he trained. HOWEVER! The soundtrack was pretty well ruined; all you could hear clearly was the Foley work and the music. The speech track was muddy and garbled, and often unintelligible. I strongly suspect a failure at the show, rather than the movie itself. However, it was a severe distraction.

Auto problems yesterday; I'll have to have the radiator, etc, screened for leaks tomorrow.

I'm tired, and I'm on ER backup again tonight. Argh.