September 23rd, 2005

Egyptian diety

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LJ Portal function is out for two days straight, now, and thereby goes my ability to notice folks birthdays. Fooey.

My beloved spouse and I watched the last of the Firefly episodes and the special features from the DVDs last night. forestcats said to me, "How could the network not understand the whole show from that pilot; it hooked us right away?" I swear, network personnel, except perhaps for HBO, must have mandatory frontal lobotomies when they take the job.

As soon as I finished watching the TV series, I read the Serenity comic books (#1 - 3), but they really don't convey the same feelings as the show, even though they move the storyline forward a slight bit. I also read another couple of the later Books of Magic, not pushing those too hard, though.

The weekend should be a bit busy; I'll discuss it as I have time, as it happens.