September 25th, 2005

The Great A'Tuin

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We open with me admitting that I've finished a few more of The Books of Magic comics, and this storyline is a bit better than those from a half dozen ago. I've finished up to #68 of 75, now.

After work yesterday, we drove down to San Diego to meet some friends from long ago who were in town for CME. Natalie and Mark we last saw at our wedding, and due to the vagaries of communication, we lost touch with each other. Suddenly, a few weeks ago, Natalie tried Googling us, and she bravely sent out an email to me, to which I responded. We've been in touch since, and as they were going to be near-by, more or less, we went down I-15 to join them.

It was great chatting with them, sharing the last couple of decades worth of stories, and having a tasty, but poorly waitressed meal in the GasLamp district. Driving back was shared between me and forestcats, but we got home safely. I look forward to visiting them again in Chicago, sometime in the future.

Later today: Dachshund races.