September 27th, 2005


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First, I finished the new Alexander Kent novel, Band of Brothers. He's jumped backwards in the Bolitho series to the midshipman days of the Richard Bolitho character. I suspect that he was just as sick of the angst as the readership was. However, this is a rather short novel for the series. Fair, at best.

I also finished The Books of Magic comic series, up to #75. Not a bad ending, and it actually did have something of an ending, though I did find the Harry Potter imagery a bit odd on the last page.

Sunday, we met up with friends from Ohio, who wanted to go to an Oktorberfest in Huntington Beach, to see the dachshund races. It was held at Old World Village, which was tough to find (MapQuest screwed the directions), but due to the excellent directions by a cub scout den mother, we got there at the right time. The races ran three hours later than advertised, but were amusing. I found it odd that a village devoted primarily to shops from Germany would have a Judaica store, but they did, and the prices there were very good. The dog runs were cute; those little legs had to really pump.

forestcats got to go use my Serenity pass for the free showing for bloggers, and her LJ has her response to same. I'm hoping to go opening night, as we have Dungeonmaster on Saturday; however, if all else fails, we might take it in on Sunday. Maybe even all of the above and more. She seems to be saying that it's very good.