October 3rd, 2005

skeleton hands and kitten

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The weekend began after work Saturday with me reading and finishing two comics; Jack Cross #2 by Warren Ellis, which deals with a spy/Homeland Security thing. I'm liking it more than #1. The other was Neverwhere #4, by Neil Gaiman, and it still is more fun in my mind than the other incarnations of this story.

Later that night, we went to Dungeonmaster to see an episode that was a lot of fun. I was forced to downcheck a beautiful costume piece which was a large roundshield painted red with a gold sun in the center. Exquisite work. The conversations at Denny's afterwards were some of the best we've had. Nice night overall.

After my hospital rounds on Sunday, we went to Serenity with twilyght, her friend, and the two of us. I was taken aback by the film, but I think it was a very superior piece of movie-making, especially in view of the previous TV series. I was stunned by the direction that the film took; it still reminds me of Traveller in the bloodiness of the combat, and the overall outlines. I'm so tickled, I just want to drag the old books in and start working on a campaign. Lest I be tempted, I'm not touching them, as I haven't the time to spare on it...

Spouse and I then followed that by going to the LA County Fair. We've been going now for about twenty years; this year is the worst that the Fair has ever been in all that time. Fewer of everything, but the cost is higher than ever. Mostly, they sell junk. Fewer educational exhibits. I was disappointed...