October 8th, 2005

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even more books

In the last several hours, I managed to finish three books: first was the novelization of Serenity which included a bit more of the motivation than you might get from watching the film, and one or two scenes that weren't in the film, including a couple that are on the DVD of Firefly. Eh. Next was Osprey Campaign #154: Acre 1291: Bloody Sunset of the Crusader States, which, after having watched Terry Jones' series on the Crusades recently, I found especially interesting. Finally, another Osprey book - Osprey Campaign #157: Trafalgar 1805: Nelson's Crowning Victory in which the typical artwork of these books was among the worst I've ever seen in them. These books were originally intended as resources for folks who enjoy painting armies for miniature gaming; this book would suck for that purpose. It did detail the campaign reasonably well, however.

Home for dinner last night, and my beloved popped open a bottle of Orange Muscat wine from Filsinger's winery in Temecula. Tasty, but she only had one glass. For some reason, the bottle got emptied anyway. Left me weaving around the house, and slurring my syllables. Fell asleep much earlier than normal. No hangover, thank goodness.
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Just got back from seeing Serenity. Again. MMMMMM. This time I didn't blink when the piece of the ship's bow tore off, and I actually saw it.


I like me that movie, I do indeed.

It's really lighting a bug in me to put a Traveller campaign back on. But where would I find the time.

Right about now, mr_curmudgeon is scaring the hell out of Suki and peters_privates at The Dragon's Keep in St. Louis. I hope he posts about it.

I managed to finish a couple of comics today: Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead #5 of 6, which was more coherent than the last one, and Fell #2, which is a very eerie police procedural from author Warren Ellis, and is pretty fine.

...and the hits just keep on coming...