October 13th, 2005

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Erev Yom Kippur.

I got through services with our little non-synagogue group ruminating on the difference between passively accepting religion, and actively participating. My spouse and I are active people, as far as both being imbued with the volunteer spirit. Thus, the end result is an active religious group. Both unsettling, and pleasant to realize.

After services, I watched a couple of episodes of Firefly with the commentaries on, which didn't really add anything to most of them, the exception being Objects in Space...Whedon's commentary was pretty interesting.

Then, intercut with my evening ablutions, I read a couple of Osprey books, followed by more this morning. Four, to be exact; all deal with siege warfare in history; two in ancient times, and two in the Far East. (Elite #121; New Vanguard #43, 44, 78). There's bits and pieces of interesting matter, but nothing that I figure on needing anytime soon.