October 22nd, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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First of all, I finished two books in the last week, both Osprey Campaign books on the Yom Kippur War, one on the Golan Heights, and the other on the Sinai. Fairly good reads, not excellent.

I've also read today 6 comics:
Lucifer #67 - better than the last two or so.
303 #6 - apparently the last issue.
Shaolin Cowboy #4 - not quite as oddly funny as the previous three.
Supreme Power: Nighthawk #2 of 6 - better than #1, actually, IMHO.
Supreme Power: Hyperion #2 of 5 - eh.
Oz, the Manga #2 (I'm missing #3, and have #4...the search is on) - new take on the old book.
The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0 - curious, and I like the artwork. I forsee following this one.

I should be packing; my flight to Orlando is in just over 6 hours. I'm not exactly excited about possibly going into the path of hurrican Wilma. I hope to see old friends Tobi, Gail, Howard, possibly others. I also hope to spend a day wandering at the Epcot Center, as their International Food and Wine Festival is going on, and I can just see myself dropping a few bucks on various odd tastes.