October 28th, 2005

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So far behind, I can't believe it.

OK, so I posted about the novel that I finished on the flight to Orlando.

The hurricane kept me indoors dozing and sleeping, and you'd think I would have picked up a book and read it, but NO, I slept. I did wake up and look out the window after dawn, and Orlando, though on the outskirts of Wilma, did have 5.17 inches of rain over about 6 hours or less, and the winds were very considerable. When, at last, my friends called, I got out and about, met them for a round at the medical convention, and then took them all out to Cafe Tu Tu Tango for dinner. Afterwards, we dropped off one, and the rest of us puttered around the touristy areas of Orlando, chatting and shopping. I picked up some gifts to bring home, and some items for me to wear.

Tuesday was Epcot. They are in the midst of their annual Food & Wine Festival, and I took Tobie (a woman who helped train me when I was a medical student and intern) with me as we prowled the food booths surrounding the lagoon. I came home with a copy of the recipe book, and would definitely recommend many of the dishes therein.

Wednesday I stopped at the convention to finish up paperwork. After that, I made my way to Orlando's biggest comic store, thereby finding a lot of the comics on my want list; however, the store is one of a chain of several, and they called one of their other shops wherein I filled in more gaps. I might have had a chance to try checking out one more site, but I was too frustrated with the traffic and decided to go back to the area around my hotel, eat, and read.

This, of course, leads to me reading a large pile of comics:
The Winter Men #1 & 2 - mystery comics set in present day Russian political, police, and crime situations. I'm enjoying them, it's limited to 8 issues, and #3 is supposed to be out next week, so I think I'll follow it.
Lost Squad #1 - supposed to be about a WWII small unit trying to gather items of magical power to help defeat Hitler, who has a similar unit at work. I call this one pretty poor, and I won't follow it any further.
House of Secrets #1 - 12 - very interesting. This one ran to 25 issues, and they were among the materials I managed to dig up in Florida, and I'll be reading the rest over the next few days. Eerie, and curious.
Hunter: the Age of Magic #1 - 3 - this series picks up from where The Books of Magic and then The Names of Magic left off. Another set of 25, I have all but 2 of the issues now, and the next one I need is #4, but several folks on Ebay are offering it, so it shouldn't take me long to get it. I'm enjoying this one, and I'm confused that DC hasn't bound it into trade PB.
Welcome Back To The House of Mystery #1 - only reason that I looked at this is that the cover shows some characters from the Sandman and The Dreaming comic series, though it had nothing to do with either. It's a re-collection of tales from The House of Mystery and Plop from years back. Phooey.

Flight home from Orlando was good, but because the flight time was so early, I only got a couple of hours of sleep. On arrival here, forestcats picked me up with brushette in the truck. The young hound saw me from about a block away and was going gaga. Nice to be wanted...

After resting the afternoon...ahem, resting...

forestcats had insisted on going out last night, no matter that I was just back from the other side of the continent. So, she got tickets, from an internet discount broker, for the musical Sweeney Todd. Now, neither one of us is particularly fond of musicals. Interestingly, she had no idea what the show was about, though we've both seen Jersey Girl. Sadly, this troop did a poor job with the show. The woman who plays the pie maker did the best job; interestingly, her day job is as a singer at Disneyland. Other key members of the cast were drowned out by the music, or mumbled key lines. All-in-all, it was a waste of time. Oh, well.

I managed to go back 1000 messages on LJ, only to find that that took me back to only Tuesday, and I last read folks posts from Saturday. If there's anything anyone wants me to respond to, let me know!