October 29th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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While in Orlando, I found my first copy of the Serenity RPG; read the rules. I figure that the rules are borderline unplayable, but the background material is pretty useful. I also like the various quotes.

Read a few more comics overnight. First, I had read #2 out of order, and went back and read Supreme Power: Hyperion #1; #2 becomes much clearer then. Silly me.

Then, I continued reading House of Secrets #13 - 15; it continues to be an interesting read.

Services with our group were pleasant again. I had a chance to help the Dermatologist figure out how to help an old friend of his with some home nursing problems, as the fellow's mother was coming for a few months, and has early trouble with Alzheimer's. forestcats did some wonderful things with fruit that I enjoyed thoroughly.

...and the week goes on...