November 9th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Got a deep tissue massage yesterday, and my spouse tells me I look more relaxed. Thank goodness.

Stopped at two comic stores locally, and picked up four new comics.

First was Supreme Power: Nighthawk #3 of 6; it was interesting, and carried the story forward pretty well.

Next was Desolation Jones #4; again, I enjoyed it, and it carries the story forward. Good cliffhanger, too.

Then, I managed to pick up #3 & 5, and already had #4 of Oz, the Manga; this series emulates the original Oz story well while using the comic format to do interesting things. I'd call this series a good one for Oz fans.

I'm glad to say that House last night was more realistic; some things just aren't fixable. Also, Gilmore Girls used a deux ex machina (sp?) in the form of Jess; I'm not surprised that they had to turn to him to get Rorie to move...

After I sent forestcats to bed, as she needed to be up relatively early to spend time at a local hospital with friends, I took a Netflix DVD out to watch. The time would have been better spent sleeping. The film was Mission Impossible II. Ick.