November 12th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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It's been a working week, it has, but forestcats and I have spent some time together, and part of that time was spent with Netflix offerings.

One thing we watched together was another classic film that somehow I'd never seen. In this case, it was Old Yeller. Having lived through putting down The Gray Mouser, and having watched several of our dogs pass on, I felt for the kid in the film, but I don't think it had the impact on me that it would have had had I seen it as a child. I have to wonder if my Mother chose to not show us this, or if it's just accidental that I'd missed it; Mom is allergic to dogs and cats, and might have decided not to risk having us get stimulated to whine about not having pets. However, I'm very glad that the cats and dogs are in our lives now; they certainly add something to this household. Anyway, I'd concur that the film is one that is classic, for kids to see a bit more of the world and what it's like.

I've also watched four episodes off a DVD of ST:TNG from the fourth season. I liked them reasonably well, especially Data's Day; I think that one was played pretty well for comedy, and was very good. forestcats stuck around watching that one until just after the cat's scene; obviously the only important scene of the show.

Can't wait to work our way up to the Enterprise episodes, considering that they have a beagle in it...