November 13th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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So, last night after work, forestcats and I got a fair amount of the furnishings back in place in the den, post painting. Following that, we went out for a bite to eat. forestcats had happened upon a new sushi place in our near neighborhood, which turned out to be all-you-can-eat; we stayed and ate. Wow! Our sushi chef had a great touch with the spices, and he did a superb job. He plyed us with sake; we bought him Sapporo (sp?) beer. I got drunk very fast. forestcats had a good laugh at me for that.

Once home, I oozed into a couch in the living room, and we watched a disc of Season 4 of Gilmore Girls all the way through. The last show of the lot, I remember distinctly, so I gather that I've reached the point where I was starting to actually be home to share the show with my spouse. This is, of course, a good thing, and it reminds me that I'm glad I have the job I now have, in terms of a happier lifestyle, allowing me the time that I'd always craved to be with forestcats.

We will be having an "unexpected" old friend staying over for Thanksgiving. I put the word in quotes, because we thought that he would come, but until we pinned him down two days ago, he hadn't told us for certain. The problem is that we don't have enough rooms set up for guests at the moment,and we know that he's not the only one we'll be hosting. Therefore, the one room in reserve, that hasn't been set up as anything but storage for the last several years will be today's project; everything that can be trashed is going out to the trashcans, and we'll be pulling up the carpet immediately. Today'll be quite a bit of work, therefore, but the hope is that the majority of the work will be done by nightfall, or at least, bedtime. The dogs will have to spend the day outdoors; they aren't much help for these things, you know.

...and then there's Thanksgiving. The upcoming holiday is this household's favorite holiday. We may have over 30 at table on the day; there might be others joining us for dessert later. It's the culmination of loads of work in the next two weeks or so, and yet, we really love the result. For those of you who'll be joining us, I can't wait to host you here. For those who have other plans, may your holiday be a true pleasure.