November 22nd, 2005

wolf spirit guide

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Forgot to mention one interesting thing that happened a few nights ago:

I was taking trash out, and crossing in front of our garage, when out of the corner of my eye I realized that something wasn't right.

In front of our house runs a rather thick cable, from telephone pole to telephone pole. Directly over the midline of the driveway, seated quietly on the cable, was a Snowy Owl.

Not something we see much of around here, but it appears it was hunting the feral kittens and rabbits locally.

Just then, forestcats stepped out of the house and started crunching through the leaf litter on the path in front of the house. I shushed her and pointed. She was delighted, ran back in the house to get a camera, but unfortunately, the bird had had enough, and flew off just before she returned with the hardware.

A delightful little interlude, interacting with the world of Nature.