December 1st, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Finished another manga collection; this one was Samurai Executioner Book 6: Shinko the Kappa. I began to realize something while reading this and getting some more background into Japanese life of the depicted period, and that was that there's supposed to be a conflict in the fact that this executioner is KIND. It leads to all sorts of conflicts where one might expect none. Series is still interesting.

I also got finished with one more comic: Lucifer #68. This episode is very interesting, but I don't feel like giving anything away.

So. Tuesday night. I gave up a blood sacrifice for my art. As it were. I've long had a hankering to do some wood carving. I got some tools, cut up my hands a bit, but I couldn't get involved with any classes, because my last job kept me working until very late at night, lots of nights a week. forestcats went looking at a fairly new local store that sells woodworking gear, and discovered that on Tuesday nights, they offer wood carving classes. She dragged me there, and set me loose with them. Since I was oncall, I didn't have time to go home and get my tools, but the teacher came with equipment and pre-cut blanks to work on. I have a wooden cowboy boot partially finished. I was covered in wood chips, and I managed to puncture myself once. Cool. I've now put together all my old tools and stuck them in a spare toolbox; I expect to go back regularly.