December 4th, 2005

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Dungeonmaster was very cool last night, and those of you not there, missed out. Bruce was right, last date, to postpone the show for a larger crowd, because it was an excellent episode.

Read 'em and weep, you who might be called slackers, for not attending.
Dead Dog Cat


I've been taken to task recently by one of my friends that I haven't been writing much of substance on LJ lately. I feel that talking about items that interest me is of some substance, but I guess I more or less agree with him, so let's see if I can come up with something a bit deeper:

I haven't a lot of creative outlets. forestcats has forced me into one such outlet, again, and I appreciate that she has, but the next day, I tried to recall what I did, or used to did, to try to be creative. I found myself disturbed to realize that I've dropped it all.

These will be in no particular order.

One way that I used to be very creative was in performing as a gamesmaster. My World ran for over twenty years, and there are still a number of people who want me to keep it running. I combined using published material with winging it, and it used to be loads of fun. However, there just isn't time for it these days, and I have set it aside for now.

Another outlet was in acting as an audience character at Dungeonmaster. I gave this up a couple of years back, to let other folks have the opportunity to play, and to offer my time as a volunteer to help keep the show running. I don't regret giving it up, because I think my time and effort has helped others have a good creative outlet.

Then there was writing. I wrote a number of items of game interest over a span of about a dozen years. I have a few ideas for other writings, but I don't have much time to spare on it. This is a bit of a sadness...

Computer artwork was another, lesser outlet. I had been using the program Painter on my wife's Macintosh computer, but when the computer and monitor gave up the ghost, that was the end of that. I'd love to putter with the program again, as it allowed me to play with a number of artforms, all on the same work. It was fun.

Also with art was sketching. forestcats was teaching me how to draw, and I was showing at least mild prowess, but time has been a constraint, and I didn't keep up with it, though my sketchbook and pencils are still easily accessible.

Additionally, there's been woodcarving. I've found all the tools I had gathered and put them all in a toolbox stored now in my car, though I haven't packed the sharpening gear, and I will be going back to class next Tuesday. I love the feel and smell of working wood, and I'm looking forward to doing more.

Would cooking be a creative outlet? Perhaps. In congress with forestcats, we do manage to do a number of interesting things with food, though mostly, I help in preparation, and not so much in the creative aspects. Still, the end result is generally wonderful.

...and that's about it...

Did I forget anything else that you all might recall?