December 8th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Finished a couple of comics the other day: Fell #3, and Neverwhere #5. I still like the comic interpretation of Neverwhere better than book or TV series. Fell is better and better. Warren Ellis seems to be on a roll with police pieces.

Finally, last Tuesday night, there was a new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and, though I really like the show, this was at best a lesser episode. Hopefully, this isn't a sign of the series going downhill.

...and now off to work...
Dead Dog Cat

In re: forestcats' post.

Many years ago, I was a starving medical student. I had a chance to work for Judges Guild at a game convention in Michigan. While there, I met a woman who might best be called an elemental force of nature for the first time. She introduced me to this couple: the Passavoys. Later, I found them listed in a Heinlein novel (The Number of the Beast). They lived not far from my apartment in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. They had a pretty open door policy for friends. They helped feed "starving artists", and they considered my skill with osteopathic manipulation an art. I ate wonderful meals there many times. They loved forestcats. And they didn't like my friend's Canadian cousin. So, when she evinced a distinct lack of interest in the Passavoys and what was going on at their home, it eased an ongoing process, to the point that it onwent much more rapidly.

The Passavoys taught me generosity. They taught me the philosophy of paying it forward; I don't expect recompense for our generosity, but I hope that our friends pass it on similarly to others in the future. They taught me the joys of the table. I don't want to get into that tale just now, (let it be left that forestcats still hasn't forgiven me for one of my early conversations with my Mother about her...). They expanded and deepened my knowledge of SF and fantasy literature and film. I watched my first anime all the way through at their house, a film that hadn't even left Japan yet, that one of their visitors, just off a flight from Tokyo, had brought on VHS, and had to show them, translating as the film ran (Lensman). And I recall visiting with them all at Worldcon in Chicago; I was delighted that they could spend the half hour that they did, considering that they were fan guests-of-honor there, and had mostly all their time spoken for by convention activities. So, to find that we can interact with them once again, via LJ, is a delight.

It makes my week, it does...until the Yankee Swap, anyway...