December 17th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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And now I've caught up with all the books that were lent to me by erich_schneider, the latest being Knights of the Dinner Table: Bundle of Trouble: Volume 11. Still funny, still very good at reminding me about my days as a gamemaster.

A comic purchased on eBay finally arrived from Canada, and thus I read Hunter: The Age of Magic #4. I'm not fond of the artwork, but the story is pulling me along. Now that I've completed the retrieval of the out of print issues, I'll be catching up through issue 25, and then the more recent series. It'll take me a bit.

Last night, our local crowd of rebels from the synagogue were delighted to have a visit from a former rabbi from same synagogue. He's now retired to Las Vegas, where he runs a congregation of about 1200 retirees. He was delightful, and he reminded me exactly why we joined that synagogue, back in the day. He was asked to give a comment on the Torah portion to be read today, which he did, but not until he first chatted a bit; told a few stories, and said some things complimentary and silly about his former flock. It was a delightful evening. Too bad I had to truncate it and head back to the hospitals for rounds...