January 6th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


First book finished this year is also one lent to me by erich_schneider, being Knights of the Dinner Table: Tales from the Vault: Volume 5, which is a collection of some of the comics from their website. I really liked the storyline emulating Call of Cthulhu. Funny, for those who like RPGs.
Dead Dog Cat

Upcoming partying!

OK, for those of you who live in Southern California, and want to do a little driving, on the 14th of January, which is a week from tomorrow, forestcats wants to party for her birthday at Portillo's, a new restaurant in Orange County, that serves Chicago-style foods. Everyone who cares to come is invited, just let us know so we can expect you. 6:30 PM. The place is at a mall, I guess the Buena Park Mall, on La Palma, between Beach and Magnolia. I believe it's off the 22 Freeway, and accessible off the I-5. Let me know if you want to attend, folks, the food'll be great, and we'd love to see our friends there. No gifts, just your attendance...