January 7th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Having cleared my desk of lent graphic novels, I've started working my way through a pile of comics that've gathered. I finished Lucifer #69, which I found to be an interesting end point for the most recent run of stories. I wonder if they're planning to finish out the comic series? Then, I read Samurai: Heaven and Earth #5, which pits a single samurai warrior against the Four Musketeers. And on the story runs. Fairly good artwork. Next, from the JMS Supreme Power series, there is a spin-off comic called Doctor Spectrum, which chronicles what happened to one of the superheroes; I read #1, but I'm missing #2, so it'll be a while before I take it up again. If you like Supreme Power, this one might catch your fancy, but otherwise miss it. Finally, another JMS-written saga called The Book of Lost Souls, of which I've read #1 thus far. Very interesting read, and I'm looking forward to reading more. Seems to be set in a world of "powers", where the protagonist is tasked to help people towards the "light" versus the "dark". I'm curious to see what he does with this.