January 19th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


I finished yet another manga/comic item this morning, this one being Samurai Executioner Volume 8: The Death Sign of Spring. These books do seem to give a solid look at the life and culture of the depicted era, and I like them for that, though there is a lot of violence covered in the book as well.
Dead Dog Cat


A perennial problem.

I've been shaving now for over thirty-five years.

It occured to me today that I've never been taught how to shave myself.

As a teen, I used a Norelco shaver; I vaguely recall now that I was worried about cutting myself, as I had serious trouble with acne. With the triple-head electric shaver, I found that I would have a 5 o'clock shadow by about 10 AM.

Then, on the day of my wedding, as a sign of my committment to my spouse, I switched to razors.

Initially, I used a Wilkenson Sword Blade. I had limited recollection of asking my father about a TV commercial in which all they did was repeat the name above over and over, and I asked him why. His response was that everyone knew that their blades were the best. I used them at first with Colgate Shaving Cream from the can, and I really disliked the feel of the shaving cream on my face. I can't explain why, but it always felt creepy. Later, I switched to Edge, which always felt better to me. Some years ago, though, Wilkenson went bust, and I had to change.

So, I tried the Mach-3. With Edge. Best shaves I'd ever had up to that point. I've stuck with that mix now for a few years, and been rather happy. I even got some suggestions how to do the job properly from watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, like cut with or across the grain, never against it, to avoid cuts. Shave after showering, as the beard is softer. Etc.

While in Hawaii, I ran out of Edge unexpectedly. I picked up a replacement at the grocery store during one of our forays, and found Edge, but instead of the type that we usually buy at CostCo, fairly generic as Edge goes, they had a formulation ostensibly specific for use with the Mach-3. I even liked its scent better. It seemed to actually leave me with a mildly better shave. Hmm. Still using it, I am, and I expect that I won't be buying my Edge from Costco any longer.

Then, back from Hawaii, I got some odd items as a Christmas gift from a cardiologist I occasionally work with. They included a facial scrub to be used before shaving. This last couple of weeks using it, I've been astonished how close my shaves have been. I may have to rethink using soap in the future. Where the heck does one go to get such facial scrubs???

And, you may ask, why am I posting this? Well, nobody ever taught me how to shave. So, if someone reads this and learns a trick or two, then the world is a better place...