January 25th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Another book down:

I finished the first book of Jim Butcher's Dresden series, Storm Front, a tale of mystery and magic, in which a professed wizard in Chicago gets involved in a multiple murder investigation. It's pretty solid, for a first novel; later this year, the eighth book of the series is coming out.

Yesterday, forestcats and I went looking for bookshelves, plans for bookshelves, and materials for bookshelves. Our plans are likely to be rather expensive in terms of money, time, or both. I think we'll have to take it a little at a time.

I went again to woodcarving class, and I find myself getting more accomplished. I've set aside the cowboy boot as essentially finished from the carving standpoint, and I'm going to try to stain it. Otherwise, I'm working on a standing bear.

We met the Flors at a local restaurant for dinner last night, and the conversation was fun. Unfortunately for my equilibrium, the restaurant was having a karaoke night, and the drunkards were belting it out with gusto, but little talent.