January 27th, 2006

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Over the last few months, my boss has come to the conclusion that the benefits from me being on the ER call schedules at four local hospitals has been far outweighed by the detriment from fatigue, and lack of reimbursement for my time and effort.

So, a couple months back, I resigned from the call panel at one hospital. I don't want to get into the feeling of relief I felt when I dropped out from that hospital on an open board...

Then, I finally finished the last of my duties on the call panel at our busiest local facility. The pressure eases some more.

In the last couple of weeks, I've exchanged my call dates at a large local hospital with an internist for his panel of nursing home patients. This has not been particularly lucrative, as his panel is fairly small, but there have been a couple of additions to my work so far. I've found that this doctor has ignored his patients in the nursing homes; one had been admitted on 12/2, and when I saw her a couple of days ago, had yet to be seen at all, though Medicare guidelines insist on a monthly visit, and a first visit within 72 hours of admission.

Now, I had intended to keep one facility's ER on my list, because I turned those patients over to the interns and residents to treat, under my tutelage, so I could enjoy the fun of teaching. However, it's been over a year since they gave me a patient; it turns out that they dropped me from the call panel without telling me. I've decided to let it go; I don't really have all that much time for it anymore, though I do find it strange that they would let things slide like that. I can find other things to do with my time.

So, call in the future will be that much easier...
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Last night, after a quick meal, forestcats and I watched the next disk of Deadwood, thanks to the system of Netflix.

I'm of two minds on the series. I think it's well-shot, and I like the lighting; it's much more realistic than I would have expected. Some of the characterizations are pretty strong. However, I still find the language pretty objectionable, though it may be realistic; I just don't know. Some of the lines are pretty garbled; there was one point where we ran a scene over something like four times, and I still am not sure exactly what one character was saying. The lawlessness is pretty rankling, too.

Still, there is an interesting rawness to it all. I suspect that I'll find it interesting to continue.
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So, it's getting down the last few days of the month, and there's still several nursing homes to visit. They include one with a lady who has Alzheimer's and a past stroke who rarely has any visitors. Approximately annually, her sister, who has durable power of attorney for medical affairs, comes down to visit from the Bay Area.

Last night I stopped in to see her for her annual physical. When I arrived, she (unusually enough) was smiling. There was a dog on her bed, whose leash was held by a gentleman who comes down with the patient's sister. The gentleman was pleasant with me, but the dog got into defensive mode, and started growling at me.

Good puppy!

All was well in the end, but I thought that the dog was perfect.
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Someone gave me the audio book Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which I finished listening to last night, driving.

Great how quickly audiobooks get "read" while you're driving the roads in SoCal.