January 30th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Among the many things done today, I finished a book, this one being Dude: The Big Book of Zonker, which, honestly, I found boring. Now, I like Doonesbury, but I think that the production of a retrospective on one of their characters doesn't give me the tales that reading the annual compilations do. I like it better when it tells me about the world over the previous year...

Also, today, I moved masses of furniture and books, rearranging a large number of same. This caused a lot of dust to fly, and my nose is warning me of the danger. However, the end result is very, very satisfactory.

When I had a chance to wind down, I put on a Netflix piece, or I should say, piece of crap, called Collateral Damage. It has our governor in it, and it sucked. It failed in the box office, if I recall correctly, and I can assure you, it wasn't only because it was released about the time of 9/11. It just reeks.

Last night, we were invited to dine at the Weinstein's. Elst has been known to me since the 70s; he was a contributor at the same time I was to a fanzine called Alarums & Excursions. He's a pediatrician in the local area, and his wife is a teacher; both are SF fans. The meal, and the conversation were real pleasures.

Call yesterday was stunningly tough; one nursing home with three stations called me 10 times all day from only one station; I got as many more and then some from a variety of other places. Still, this is easier than call used to be, in my previous job. It's just tough this time around.

One more post, and then off to sleep...