February 1st, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Yesterday, I finished another book by Jim Butcher; this one being the second of the Dresden series: Fool Moon. It deals with the wizard, Harry Dresden, meeting with and dealing with several forms of werewolves in Chicago. I liked it better than the first book of the series (there will soon be an eighth book in the saga), and I did like the first book.

Late last night, I also read what amounts to Warren Ellis entering the world of comic zombie-esque material; the comic's name was Black Gas #1. I'm uncertain about this one...

After finishing up my nursing home rounds, and getting my charts done at one hospital, forestcats met me at the dog park with our pack. The pups seemed to enjoy stretching their legs.

We spent the afternoon watching disk 2 of King of the Hill thanks to Netflix. There were moments that I liked, but overall...eh.

Last night, we went to a wake? rosary reading? Catholic event in honor of my best man's MIL. I'm glad we could be there for the family.

Early in the day, yesterday, I was standing on the landing of our upstairs, while speaking on the phone to a patient who had paged (I was still listed as being oncall). While gazing out at our forest in the front yard, presently denuded of leaves, thanks to Santa Ana winds, I realized that one of the stray cats (a black and white one) was strolling along a main branch...at the second story level. Unfortunately, forestcats was away at Agility training with the camera in her possession, else I would have rushed to snap a few photos...amazing...