February 5th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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First off, I got ahold of a couple of new comics yesterday, and read them before the show. They included Buckaroo Banzai: Preview Edition from Moonstone Comics, which gave some background about the history of trying to get BB started again since the movie, as well as a teaser about the upcoming story, which is based on the script for the pilot of the TV series that never got produced. Interesting, and I'm looking forward to the comic series starting.

The second one was Supreme Power: Nightwing #6 of 6. The various Supreme Power superheroes emulate some of the DC characters of the past; in this case Batman, but they are very different, almost twisted. This series ends in a way that Batman never would have. Also, I think I'm seeing Nightwing's "Robin" in the ending. Very curious.

Dungeonmaster was amusing again, and about a third of the audience was new, which was nice. Hopefully, they will return for future shows. We couldn't get into the back theater, though, as the show that's been in there for the last few weeks ran very late, and then they partied in the theater. We ended up in the smaller front theater instead, which gave much less space for combat scenes. Still, the party wasn't bad, until axelicious killed them all...