February 13th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Got a couple of books done yesterday, not bad:

First was Fables: Legends in Exile, which is a graphic novel, the first collection of Vertigo's comic book Fables. It's an interesting concept, in which the people and creatures of stories have been driven out of their homelands, and have ended up living in the mundane world. I think I may look into reading more of this.

Second was Grave Peril, another Jim Butcher novel of the Dreden series, about a wizard for hire in present day Chicago. I liked the first two books rather well; I liked this one better. The series is up to the seventh novel, with the next one out soon.

I also read #6 of the comic book Neverwhere, which I continue to enjoy more than other versions of same.

Saturday, while I was awaiting the return of my beloved from her perambulations, I finished watching season 4 of ST:TNG, though I watched the extras on the last disk on Sunday. There were a number of things about this season that I found improvements, including more character development, and the change into willingness to write episodes meant to be shown with a story arc. However, too many of these shows seemed boring repetitions of old themes...

Saturday night, while we awaited the arrival of Beth, who spent less than a day with us, en route to an auditing job in Oxnard, we watched Must Love Dogs, which I found amusing. Back to Netflix with 'em!

With Beth on Sunday, we scouted the three local wineries and their tasting rooms. Two were quite good: Galleano and San Antonio. One wasn't; the wines were barely potable. There's a method to our madness, though, as we are going to be showing some friends from out of town around the area, and wine tasting is on the list of things to do.

Last night, after a restful afternoon/evening, we watched some of the Olympic highlights on NBC. *sigh*
Dead Dog Cat

Honest, I didn't forget to post about it...

Interesting point came up recently. I had an HMO patient in her early 80s come in last week with a complaint of chest pain repeatedly for 5 days. Of course, I asked her why she hadn't gone to the ER instead of worrying and hurting while waiting for an appointment. Her response? She couldn't afford the $100 co-payment that the HMO required for ER visits. What a brilliant way to lower ER costs for the HMO! Just raise the co-payment high enough that none of the patients can afford it! Save thousands of dollars weekly, as these patients die at home, rather than go to the ER for appropriate treatment...