February 17th, 2006

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As to yesterday:

Had to go pick up the car from where the mechanic had replaced the distributor cap.

Had to stop at a psychiatric board and care and see a dozen patients in just over an hour. When I arrived, the staff member who's job it is to have everything ready for me wasn't there yet, and didn't show for about fifteen minutes. I needed to have been there the day before, but they cancelled on me.

I was supposed to be in the office from 11-1, and then from 5-8, but due to a major screw-up, I had patients scheduled from 9:30 - 5 without a break, and then nothing thereafter. Over a dozen patients had to be rescheduled overnight, to their anger.

I was supposed to have enough time during lunch to allow me to get to three hospitals, widely distributed across the landscape. They peeled an hour off of the time alloted, and so I wasn't able to get to all the hospitals during my lunch.

Someone, without asking me, arranged for a drug rep to bring in lunch for the day, thereby slowing me from getting out of the office for the hospital work (and let's not forget all the walk-in patients, and triple bookings so that I actually didn't finish work before lunch break until 1:40), not to mention that the food was barely edible.

I had agreed to see hospital patients for one family doctor in the community while he went to a CME course that will keep him away until Sunday morning. This nearly doubled the number of patients I had to see. One of the patients newly added has very protective parents, and I had to spend about an hour explaining why I needed one X-ray to her.

A staff member who had been working with my boss for years, and who had recently been assigned to work my front desk, was forced into quitting. I hadn't found her work to be poor quality at all, so I don't know what that was about; it just added spice to an already lousy day.

The evening hours passed. Slowly.

I got to the last hospital at almost 9PM; the first patient I saw was an elderly woman who is trying to use the hospital as a vacation home. She is medically stable as far as the reason she was admitted to the hospital, but is still very weak; however, she often refuses her physical therapy, and would rather sit in bed, complaining about the staff. She's run out of hospital days, and she's angry, because she never intended to leave; she refuses to go to a nursing home...after she started complaining about how the medical community has fallen so far, I wanted to jump up and down, point my finger at her, and say "you're generation made it this way; you folks changed everything, and now you all complain that it isn't the way you wanted it!" I didn't, however.

I left home at 8:15AM. I got home at 10:07PM. I was in bed asleep in less than an hour.

A very, very bad day.