February 19th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Well, the day went well yesterday, and I finished another book, this one being Summer Knight by Jim Butcher, another of his Dresden series of novels. I'm stunned to say that this, the fourth of the series, is even better than the previous three, all of which I enjoyed. I'd recommend these.

We went to unwilly's birthday party yesterday, and we were pleased to meet the family there. It's now a proven fact that unwilly actually has family, and he can't possibly be renting them.

Spent a couple of hours after that visiting with my parents, and then we drove over to Dungeonmaster. The show went pretty damn quick, but the audience/party members were extremely efficient in what and how they did things. I have to say that I'm very pleased that Bishop Martin got his comeupance...I was starting to think that Mycroft would have to come out and play an assassin. Or that we'd have to pay for Shine to fly in...