March 4th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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So, last night was a time of doing some stuff at home. I've already posted about the reading I did; I followed that by watching the rest of the ST:TNG DVD, season five, disc one. The rest of the shows on it seemed to me to be reworking of old ST:TOS ideas; boring.

forestcats came home rather late; we'd discussed her sleeping in the Valley, rather than risk driving home too tired, but she's a free spirit, and she took it in her mind to head back. She managed it safely, thank goodness, but she was very tired on arrival. She's still asleep, now.

I've got hospital rounds today, and I'll need to stop at three hospital medical records offices to finish up bits and pieces of paperwork, and then, tonight, it'll be Dungeonmaster. Cool!
Dead Dog Cat


I just finished Blade of the Immortal #15: Trickster, a graphic novel. I think it's spending too much time on minor characters, and losing track of the main ones.

I followed that with comic books: Lucifer #71, which looks like it's tying up some loose ends, and Oz: The Manga #8, which ends the Oz story. I wonder if they'll continue the saga into the follow-on books?