March 6th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


I finished another book yesterday.

The book follows a recent trend in what I'm reading, in that it deals with the subject of the interaction of Faerie with the Modern World. The Jim Butcher books do that, ostensibly in Chicago, though honestly, I don't get a Chicago feel from those.

This time, the book is The Dragons of the Cuyahoga, by W. Andrew Swann. The protagonist is an investigative reporter who gets embroiled with the murder of a dragon. I REALLY felt that this novel does a fine job of giving the viewpoint of a reporter, and I'd recommend the book.

I saw a bit of the Oscar's. Yawn; especially as I've seen so little of what they were touting.

Dungeonmaster was fun this weekend, especially as it appears that we've got a few neebies who may very well continue to come; one was planning on what, exactly, he wanted to make as a costume...