March 11th, 2006

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Travelling again, but this time I have access to a computer free.

Thursday, after dropping brushette at a kennel, for her protection and the protection of our neighbors' ears, we boarded a flight from Ontario Airport to Dallas. Mind you, we almost freaked out when the old long-term parking lot there had been shut down, but we made our way to another lot safely. The Dallas stopover was much too long, because inclement weather in Chicagoland had slowed traffic into O'Hare, and they wouldn't let our flight take off. On our arrival in Chicago, it wasn't snowing, it was raining, and heavily.

Picking up the rental car at Alamo was interesting, in that they sold us a compact car when they had none. We ended up with a car that they admitted was a double upgrade, at the compact cost.

Driving in the rain in an unfamiliar vehicle took forestcats a few minutes of concentration, but she managed well. Then, we tooled along to a Giordano's that was just off of our course, and we had their (less than stellar) stuffed pizza. I still like Edwardo's best; we brought along a cooler to ship back several such pizzas for the homeward bound trip. (Note: when we retrieved our luggage, one fellow expressed his appreciation for our choice of items to bring with us).

After that, we got into hotel; it happens that it is the same one in which forestcats and I got married in a March which the calendar states was long ago, but which my memory suggests was just the other day. We snuck around the room in which we exchanged vows, and exchanged a kiss at the spot where we stood, she in glorious white, me in a dove-gray morning coat and pledged ourselves to each other. *Sigh*

Before we called it a night, we spent a bit of time at the computer station that the hotel has free for guests, and then we watched a Netflix DVD episode of Deadwood, finally crashing.
Dead Dog Cat


Started the morning off with piling into the rental, and heading out. At first, forestcats was talking about going to downtown, but then she called up strynn, and we stopped to see him. We looked at a number of art objects, chatted, had a soft drink, (I also tasted Dandelion Wine), and then moved along. We stopped at a Portillo's in Chicagoland, and then had delicious Oberweis ice cream. Yum.

Back at the hotel, the "convention" was starting. I'll post later about what the Dorsai Irregulars/Klingon Diplomatic Corps is; suffice it to say that we have a number of friends in the organization, and we were invited to attend their soiree this year after forestcats got back in touch via email with an old friend. We went up into the Con Suite, and drbobdi jumped and hugged my beloved, and later me. We signed in, and then joined in the chowder and chili tasting; there was some really good stuff there. I knocked back a Woodchuck's Cider (oh, yum!), some German apple schnapps, and watched whistfully as they had a scotch tasting of ten single malt, old barrel scotches, with ten more for tonight.

We reconnected with many old friends there, and had some delightful conversations. greenmansgrove was met; when last we saw him, he was in his teens, glasses, clean-shaven; now he's all growed up, and works with a computer firm. He and his father used to play in my Rolemaster game; they were also regulars at the Chicago run of Dungeonmaster. We had quite a conversation about the show here and there, and it kept us in stitches.

Finally, our stamina waned, and we stopped to check the computers; then up to the room for one more episode of Deadwood.
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I forgot to post that I had finished another book, this one being Informal English by Jeffrey Kacirk, a collection of words and phrases that are generally local and a bit slangy. Not a book to pick up and read through a sitting, but quite interesting. I noted a few that I use, and a few that I recognize from certain authors.
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One thing that's been happening here is that I'm not only using the skills of manipulative therapy that my osteopathic training left me with, but I've been able to get treated, something very rare and special. Since we've been out of the area, the Dorsai Irregulars have recruited a woman osteopath from Indiana, who's quite good at the techniques; she and I exchanged treatments, because usually there's no one who can treat her...