March 14th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


On the flight home, I finished finally Isabella and the Strange Death of Edward II. It seemed a solid discussion of the topic, and it gave a lot of good evidence from the archives, but it was a little dry to read.
Dead Dog Cat


Continuing the tale of this last weekend...

Having checked in with Dorsai Thing 31 on Friday, we planned to spend the day with the relaxacon. First, breakfast, which we rarely have time for. Leisurely. Nearly sinful. Yum. Then, we went to do different things. I logged onto the computer in the hotel, while my beloved went and witnessed the Dance Dance Revulsion. Team dancing in time to the music. I joined her there before they were done, and it was quite an education. The younger folks did better, though some of their elders were quite credible.

Then we took a short soak in the jacuzzi, which would have been more pleasant if it hadn't started filling up with cold water...

Then we prepared for the "decadent" dinner to which folks wore a variety of garbs, from piratical to bathrobes, and from 20s gangster/moll to Aloha shirts. We fit right in. Among the events were acknowledgement of hard work, induction of new members to the Dorsai Irregulars, role call of those deceased (in a fashion that would give a stir to any Heinlein fan), and toasts. I cheered, I teared up, and I am deeply glad that we could attend again, after all these years.

One announcement gave us great joy. While we were at the banquet, we inquired how far west had Thing ever gone; it turns out it has only ever gone as far west as Minneapolis. A pity. However, next year's Thing will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan. will be in Los Angeles! That announcement got a rousing cheer from the two of us. It will come as no surprise to those that know us, that as soon as we could get in touch with someone on the planning team, we volunteered to help out.

We followed that with a quick step through the con suite, and watched as the brave tasters opened a new 11 bottles of high quality scotch. A grand total of 21 single malt scotches, all different, though a minority were different only in the aging of the libation, not the brand name.

Then we took seats in the room devoted to filking. We listened to many songs before fatigue pulled us away to our room.