March 16th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


I read and finished yesterday a Mike Resnick SF novel called A Gathering of Widowmakers, something of a follow-on novel from a few written a number of years back. Resnick's works are very readable, and keep me turning pages. However, this story of bounty hunters was a trifle strange, and ultimately unsatisfying.
Dead Dog Cat

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I've also read a few comic books in the last day or so, including:

Fell #4, continuing the story of a detective in a rotten part of town; stays pretty good.

Down #4, looks like the end of the series about a cop sent undercover. Unsatisfying.

The Book of Lost Souls #5, still very interesting.

Oz: The Manga: Epilogue #1, which shows Dorothy telling tales to her family while abed.