March 22nd, 2006

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Nothing specific, just me ruminating...

I have friends who span the political spectrum. The interesting thing is how they react to me when I attribute information in discussions.

For example, Jeff snorts in derision when I mention things that I've heard on the news programs of National Public Radio.

My more liberal associates would react similarly to data quoted from Fox News.

Intelligensia react in horror to anything I might have read in the newspapers of the Inland Empire.

Conspiracy theorists (like, say, my BIL) poo-poo the Internet.

Is there no neutral information dump that we can all use, or do people only look at news sources that they expect will automatically agree with their pre-judged stances?

A few weeks ago, I caught just a moment of such a discussion on the Science Friday show on NPR. I didn't get a chance to listen to much of it, but it sounded like folks tend to think one way, and go with information that supports their thought processes.

How strange...
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So, last night I got brave.

It was woodcarving class again, and I didn't bring the three previous projects that I'd worked on.

In the summer of 1974, I worked at a summer camp near Barton Flats, CA, up in the mountains near Big Bear Lake. While there, I found a couple of pieces of wood that I thought would make good walking sticks/staves. I kept them and brought them down to the flatlands, where they spent a very long time in a closet.

When forestcats and I moved to CA, I gathered up everything I had ever left at my parents' house that hadn't been stolen in the couple of burglaries, or that they hadn't thrown out. That included the staves.

While we lived in Whittier, one of my summer afternoon projects was smoothing down the smaller staff, and oiling it.

Nearly twenty years later, I brought it out of our present garage, dusted it off, and brought it to class.

You see, I had perused my teacher's wares. He sells a number of blades for a local woodcarver who makes blades and sells them to folks, and he had some very high-quality ones. While I was looking, I found an instruction book for carving canes.

So, I marred the work of twenty years or so ago, and started cutting on this staff.

The wood is much harder than the stuff we've been working on; it's long-cured, and dry as toast. However, I'm seeing some pretty nice grain to it, and the features are slowly coming out.

We'll see how it works out; there's a long way to go.
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I have to quote Wil Wheaton here

My Road is paved with d20s and TRON DVDs and Atari 2600 games. It's lit by the glow of TNG and BSG episodes and the soundtrack is by Vangelis. It's patrolled by Rover and they sell Soylent Green in the rest stop vending machines. The speed limit is 42, but if you flash your Bavarian Illuminati card, you can use the FTL drive to make it to Milliways in time for dinner.

Oh, yeah!

Except, maybe for Tron...
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Weirdly enough, my Portal lists someone whose birthday is 3/23 as "Today"; I wonder if they mean "per Greenwich Mean Time"?

Anyway, I'll post tomorrow, so that it'll be her birthday then, my time.