March 23rd, 2006

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I watched an episode of Cowboy Bebop from the fourth disk last night, not especially wonderful. Maybe I'm just being picky, but since the episode dealt primarily with the female bounty hunter, it didn't seem as cool.
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So, I took over a case last night, and I found my ire rising.

The patient is a 90 year old female, transferred to our care at a long-term acute care hospital.

The poor old lass had been hit by a car, and broke both her legs, both tibiae and fibulae. She couldn't tell me if she had any diseases, or where she lived before the accident. She couldn't recall being hit by the car.

Now, that's all a pity, but it happens.

The part that pisses me off is that she was cared for at the County hospital. They apparently never did an admission history and physical examination. Their documentation sent with her was spotty at best. And two days after she'd been transferred, a physician assistant dictated and sent a transfer note/discharge summary that addresses nearly nothing of importance for her long-term care.

Talk about not caring about the patients, and doing as little as possible!

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Obviously, this is a week of me griping

So, an embarassing thing happened to a local HMO that's very famous, and whose name has been being bandied about by the media over the last twenty-four hours, but I don't want to risk being sued, so I won't name them. No matter that Wilhelm used to be known by that title.

Anyway, this HMO, who has ERs but doesn't want to treat any but their own patients, and who tries to foist off patients that any other hospital would just admit as being stable for transfer (after a full-blown stroke? Bullshit!), apparently dumped an indigent patient on the sidewalk outside a Skid Row mission house in nothing but a hospital gown and slippers, without even telling her where she was going. How unusual, you say? No, the unusual thing about it is that it was caught on video.

This has been a common practice by this organization. Just to make it clear how common it is, they've removed their hospital names from the patient ID bracelets to hide the fact.

I'm majorly disgusted with this dumping behavior, but I have to admit, for the homeless, there's usually no good place to send them, and they can't stay forever in the hospital. It's just that this particular organization got caught with the patient's pants down...
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and yet again

So we were a half hour late getting to lunch today.

Guess why?

A patient was about a half hour early for her appointment, so as to fill out paperwork, and so forth.

And we didn't let her.

Why? It turns out that her medical insurance card is no good. Know why? Because she works for Walmart, and they never activated her medical insurance.

So, we have to get cash from her to see her. Because her big corporate entity saved a few hundred dollars.

Isn't that sweet?